Ken Horst Photo

Ken Horst

Partner/Project Manager

Randall Horst Photo

Randall Horst

Partner/Project Manager

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Renita Zeiset


John Buch Photo

John Buch

Estimator/Project Manager

Dale Martin Photo

Dale Martin

Estimator/Project Manager

Our History

Brickerville Electric was established in 1989 when Ken Horst took over an electrical business started by his brother Jay L. Horst. Over the years many changes have taken place and Brickerville Electric was shaped by those who are employed here and also by the hand of our Creator God. For the 1st few years the office was in the residence in a shared office and laundry room. Then in 1994 the office was moved into the second floor of the shop in a 13' x 16' office. Over the years additional floors were added for more warehouse space and the office space was expanded to allow for more office staff. In 2016 we renovated and rebuilt a property just a tenth mile down the road, moved in the week between Christmas and New Years, and started the year 2017 in the new facility. Currently we have 5 office personnel and approximately 25 electricians in the field.

We give God the honor and praise Him for all that he has provided for and made possible over the years here at Brickerville Electric.

Our Core Values

God Honoring - We recognize that everything we have is a gift from God and for that reason all things shall be used to His honor and glory.

Integrity & Honesty - The moral and ethical values of each individual shall not be compromised in any decision that is made by Brickerville Electric. We must always take the courage to live out our values in business and personal actions.

Family & Employment - We recognize that personal life and work life need to go hand in hand therefore we each have the responsibility to maintain a moderate balance of loyalty between our families and our work.

Customer Satisfaction & Quality - Here at Brickerville Electric we will always strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible in our communications, relationships, products and services.

Team Work & Leadership - Each team leader bears the responsibility to train, teach and encourage the potential growth of each associate that they have the opportunity to influence and each team member bears the responsibility to be an asset to the team.

Respect & Humility - There is no one team member that is more important than another in our company. Brickerville Electric recognizes that each position is as important as any other and all associates are making a contribution to the overall success of the company.

Profitability - We have the responsibility to our associates, customers, vendors, community and to God to conduct a profitable business that will enable us to support our associates and their families and to share with the needy around the world as God gives opportunity.

Our Mission Statement

  • To strive for excellence in all that we do exceeding and surpassing the expectations of all whom we serve.
  • To provide an excellent work environment and the opportunity for success for all who are employed here.
  • To reach out to and show Christ's love to all those with whom we interact